Our Footy Legends

Meet some of our great footy legends…

  • Darcy Harvey longest serving Life Member 
  • Bill Holland
  • John “Skeet” McGeever
  • Mick Hegarty

Darcy Lloyd HARVEY

Darcy Harvey commenced his official association with the Wayback Football Club in 1937 as a member of the ‘B’ Grade team at the age of 15 years, but you can be sure he was around the Wayback scene well before that.
Over these past 65 years he has given outstanding service in nearly every official capacity in the Club and has offered unselfishly his skills and time in hundreds of other ways in those years.

A random check of Club records reveals an amazing contribution to football by Darcy in 1953 – the Clubs Jubilee year – which was typical of his total commitment to Waybacks and football.

It reads as follows:-

  • Management Committee Member
  • Social Committee Member
  • Trustee of building block along with RJ Harvey and RF Aveling
  • Colts Committee Member
  • ‘A’ Grade Coach – Premiers
  • ‘A’ Grade Captain – Premiers
  • Outstanding player in successful Mortlock Shield team
  • Member of Eyre Peninsula team – runners up first Country Carnival in Adelaide.

Other highlights in Darcy’s illustrious career include winner of the Gynell Medal for the League Fairest & Most Brilliant player in 1946, and Wayback Club Medal winner in that year.

Coach in 1953 and 1959 – both Premiership years |  Senior Colts Coach 1955 & 1956. Reserves Coach 1961. | Player 1937 to 1959.

Joint Secretary 1954 & 1955 with RF Aveling and along with RF Aveling was made Life Member of the Club in 1956 – an honor richly deserved and accepted with great deal of emotion.

In the words of the famous American Football Coach Vince Lombardi, “you’ve got to pay the price… every time a player goes out to ply his trade, he’s got to play from the ground up… from the soles of his feet right up to his head … you’ve got to play with your heart – with every fibre of your body … the object is to win – fairly, squarely, decently by the rules – but to win … and in truth, I’ve never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline.”

Vince Lombardi would have been pleased to have Darcy Lloyd Harvey in his side.

Dr. J W (Bill) HOLLAND

Dr. Bill Holland’s association with the Red and Blue commenced nearly 60 years ago in the Norwood District and so it seemed natural therefore, when he took up a dental practice in Port Lincoln in late 1952, he would support Waybacks – the Red and Blue of Port Lincoln Football.For a short period in the 1950’s, Bill was Vice President of the Port Lincoln Football League. In various ways he supported and contributed towards Waybacks success in the fifties and sixties in an unofficial capacity.

In 1971 Bill was elected President of the Wayback Football Club and held this position until 1985 when he relinquished official positions with the Club – a break the Club knew would have to come one day.During the time of Dr. Bill’s Presidency from 1971 to 1985 – 14 years – Waybacks were Premiers on no less than 8 occasions. In those 14 years the Club only failed top play in 3 Grand Finals – not a bad record.

The groundwork for a lot of these successes was lead by Dr. Bill Holland’s dedication, his personality and pride in that position of President of the Wayback Football Club – a position he felt honoured to hold.He was always available to players and coaches, or any Wayback for that matter, at any hour of the day or night, and he gave of himself unstintingly to further the aims and achievements of Waybacks. He has worked untiringly at social functions, recruitment, junior football, bingo, delegate to the Port Lincoln Football League, a Mortlock Shield Committee member – you name it, Dr. Bill has done it.

He has been second to none as a motivator for the Club, and his “Players win touches, Teams win matches, Clubs win Premierships” has become history.

John (Skeet) McGeever

It has been rumoured that John “Skeet” McGeever started playing with Waybacks when he was 6 months old, but that is not true! He started as a freckle-faced, ginger-haired rover at the age of 16 in 1946, only hanging his boots up in 1960.Skeet is surely a legend in the Wayback Football Club. In 15 years he played in 8 Premiership sides, he won Waybacks Best & Fairest in 1950, ’53, ’58 & ’59. He also won the prestigious Gynell medal in 1950, 53 & 59, as well as the Mail Medal in 1950 and 1959, having been runner-up in 1953 also.

“Skeet” represented Port Lincoln in most inter-league games from 1947 – 1960, and played in every Mortlock Shield Carnival from 1947 – 1960. He represented Port Lincoln in the Country Carnival in 1953 and was a member of the S.A. Railways Team which was undefeated at the Hobart Carnival in 1949.Since Retirement, Skeet has been absolutely committed to the club in the same way as he played the game. He has been on the Management and Social Committees; he has coached junior sides and he was the main-stay and coordinator of the Club’s 75th Anniversary Magazine. He and his wife of 50 years have brought 8 little Australians into the world. He still plays tennis and keeps fit by walking today.

Mick Hegarty

Michael Hegarty’s father commenced with Waybacks in 1948, captained Waybacks in 1952 and ’53, coached a premiership in 1958 and was made a life member 1964.
Michael is well aware of his father’s place in the History of the Wayback Football Club. Couple this with his own football talents – there has been no better exponent on Eyre Peninsula of all facets of football skills.Michael progressed through Waybacks colts and at 16 years of age, played his first “A” grade game in 1970 against Eyre United at Lipson.In 1971, Mick played in his first “A” grade Premiership – the first of many!

In 1973, Waybacks were again Premiers under coach Don Gynell. History shows the team were also premiers in ’74, 75 and ’76. These were great years for Mick. He won the club’s Best & Fairest in 1974, runner up in ’75 and again in 1976.

Michael’s career concluded in 1994 at 40 years of age. In that time he had amassed a club record of 407 senior games. He captained Wayback for nine years from 1981 – 89. During his career, he played in eight premierships, was premiership captain in 1984. He is the only Wayback to play in the 10 consecutive grand finals from 1981 – 1990.

He won Waybacks Best & Fairest award five times; 1974, 1979, 1982, 1983 and 1988. At administration level, Mick has been Chairman, Committee member of Management, Social and Junior Colts also a Port Lincoln Football League delegate. He is a life member of Wayback Football Club, Port Lincoln Football League and the Mortlock Shield. Mick has played in eighteen Mortlock Shield Carnivals, and represented Eyre Peninsula on four occasions – ’79’ 80′ 81 and ’82.On retiring as a player Mick continued his association with football by taking up umpiring in 1995 and is currently Regional Umpiring Manager for the Western Zone, a S.A.N.F.L. appointment which covers all of Eyre Peninsula.

Mick has been supported by his mother, Kath who has been his greatest fan and his wife Jenny who often has to remind Mick that football isn’t everything – there are other things in life. Jenny has supported Mick and the Wayback Football Club untiringly and has also been honoured with life membership in 1994 of which both are justly proud.

Well done Michael – A true ‘Red & Blue’ Wayback.